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Volunteer firefighters train for emergency response when communities call. The call may come in the middle of the night, and in almost every situation, under stressful and emotional circumstances. Our volunteers tell us about the tremendous rewards that come with their work. We know there are others with the same courage, commitment and compassion. Do you have what it takes?

Basic Requirements *

  • A Valid Driver’s License (minimum)
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Depending on the community, able to understand and communicate in English or French (written and oral)
  • Physically able to perform tasks and duties of the job
  • Able to commit to training
  • Live and/or work in the response area
  • No conviction of a criminal offense related to the job duties of a firefighter

*Requirements may by province and territory


For fire and emergency response volunteer firefighter positions:

  • Work as part of an organized, trained team to respond to emergency situations
  • Protect citizens in times of crisis
  • Perform the duties of emergency responder, fire suppression and public education as assigned
  • Learn the skills of an emergency responder
  • Respond to a broad range of emergency situations
  • Provide pre-hospital care for victims
  • Be a community role model
  • Responsible for upgrading and maintaining skills, knowledge and physical requirements
  • Maintain the fire station and upkeep of firefighting equipment


  • Fast paced, team-orientated and inclusive

For administrative/education/fundraising and other volunteer positions:

Other positions may be available in your local fire department if you’d like to contribute your talents through other opportunities.

  • Work as part of a team
  • Perform the duties of administration, fundraising, public education, or other as assigned
  • Basic understanding the role of emergency responder and fire suppression
  • Appreciation for public safety and protection of citizens
  • Be a community role model
  • Responsible for upgrading and maintaining skills and knowledge when required